Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This year my goal is to share more information about my favorite products, substitutions for baking, and recipes with all of you! I am working on a lot of grain free (paleo) recipes that area also nut and egg free. Basically, I want my recipe to be the perfect fit for as many people as possible!

A tahini chocolate chip cookie reminds me of a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and an almond butter cookie. Tahini is ground sesame seeds and is used in hummus to give it a distinct flavor. Tahini contains magnesium, zinc, calcium, among other minerals, which give it nutritional benefits.

For this recipe you can either use store bought chocolate chips, or you can challenge yourself to try making your own! Making your own chocolate chips only requires three ingredients and the recipe is below. I recommend making the chocolate chips first so they can chill while you make the batter for the cookies.

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe makes 9 cookies

By Jennifer Bridgeman

(Updated 4-16-19)

Coconut oil (melted) 1/4 cup

Coconut crystals 2/3 cup

Maple Syrup 1/4 cup + 1 Tablespoon

Vanilla extract 2 tablespoons

Tahini 1 cup (I love the Once Again Brand)

Coconut Flour 6 tablespoons

Arrowroot 2 Tablespoons

Baking Soda 2 teaspoon

Sea salt 1 teaspoon

Chocolate Chips 1 cup

Using a handheld mixer, beat together the tahini, coconut sugar, maple syrup and vanilla extract.

In a separate bowl, add together all the dry ingredients. Mix. Add the dry into the wet ingredients and beat for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Add in the chocolate chips and stir until mixed evenly. You can use dairy free store bought chocolate chips or you can make your own (recipe below) Prepare your cooking tray with parchment paper. This helps prevent the cookies from sticking to the tray and is easier for clean up.

Using your hands, roll cookies into 1 inch circles. Place on the tray and press down to turn the cookie from a cylinder to a flat ball. This helps give the cookie a beautiful shape while baking.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

Let the cookies cool on the pan for 5-10 minutes prior to removing with a spatula.

Let me know if you make these cookies and your thoughts! Happy Baking

Making your own chocolate chips

Making your own chocolate chips is easy and does not take a long time! I would make these prior to making your cookies so that they can chill in the freezer while you prep the batter.

1 bar of 100% Cacoa ( you can find in baking aisle sold as a chocolate bar)

2-3 tablespoons coconut oil

3-4 tablespoons maple syrup

In a pan on the stove of a double broiler, add the cacoa bar (break into 4 pieces) and the coconut oil. Put heat on medium to medium low and stir frequently, as the mixture can burn easily. Once the ingredients are melted (should take a couple minutes), remove from heat and turn off your stove burner. prepare a baking tray with parchment paper. Let mixture sit for 7-10 minutes, then add in maple syrup and stir (if you add maple syrup while the mixture is too hot, it will get clumpy and thick). Pour mixture on to baking sheet in a medium thin layer (or how thick you want your chocolate chips). Then place tray in freezer.